Implementing CSS3 Animation using SASS and jQuery

This article shows how to utilize CSS3 animation techniques using SASS and a simple amount of jQuery to add a level of refinement to any UI project.  By using SASS @mixins and creating reusable class names, you can implement CSS3 animations on any element in your design.  As always, by mindful of browser support and include the necessary back fills.

The Goal – CSS3 Animation

Create a fade-in effect that gradually displays three columns of text, one after the other once the page loads (see image below).  Check out demo →

CSS3 Animation Example


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Decision Making in the E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Yet another fantastic UX article from Nielsen Norman Group outlining the value of the shopping cart acting as a vessel for decision making.  This is definitely how I shop online and I appreciate the sites that permit me to save items I’m considering so that I can view them all and make my final purchase decision.

Decision Making in the E-Commerce Shopping Cart: 4 Tips For Supporting Users.